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We are a full line industrial supply distributor focusing on key consumable and MRO supplies

The realm and depth of our services can be tailored to each customer’s unique needs and requirements. We have taken over the responsibility for MRO purchasing for some of our customers or implemented vendor managed inventory programs for others.
We have branches in Detroit MI, Chicago IL, Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Toledo OH, and Greenville WI.
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MRO Supply Distribution and Supply Chain Management from an Industry Leader Serving Businesses in Cities throughout the United States

Supply Chain Management

AmeriSource Industrial Supply is the MRO supply distributor and service provider that businesses in industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing trust to provide comprehensive and cost-effective inventory management solutions. Our services are fully integrated and combine complete MRO supply distribution with logistics and supply chain management, all tailored to our customers’ specific needs. This comprehensive approach not only boosts operational efficiency, but also significantly reduces spending on key consumables.

One of the many aspects of AmeriSource’s services that differentiates us from other industrial supply companies is that we provide all-in-one supply management solutions. By serving as our clients’ single source for MRO supply acquisition and materials management, we are able to simplify our clients’ procurement and replenishment processes, streamlining supply chain interactions while ensuring notable cost-saving results.  

To achieve the best possible outcome, we utilize a proprietary inventory tracking system called EZSource. This versatile and innovative technology provides real-time, accurate MRO tracking and usage reporting that allow us to optimize supply chain interactions in ways that other MRO suppliers simply cannot. As a result, our customers routinely see consumption lowered by 25 to 40 percent, in addition to reduced labor requirements and an end to the unexpected costs associated with stock-outs and emergency runs. In fact, we are able to guarantee the lowest overall total cost for MRO and industrial supplies.

MRO Inventory Management Solutions Tailored to the Needs of Our Customers

MRO SupplyAs a one-stop shop for industrial supplies and supply chain management, AmeriSource Industrial Supply can provide everything from janitorial, personal protective equipment (PPE), and electrical supplies to abrasives, welding tools, packaging materials, general hardware, and much more. However, it is our commitment to offering customized service that allows us to provide the best value for our customers. Unlike the one-size-fits-all solutions from other industrial supply companies, our services are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, resulting in more effective MRO inventory management at a lower cost.

With our EZSource technology, we are able to provide a wide range of customer- and vendor-managed solutions. No matter what your needs, our services will automate the requisition process, minimize purchase orders and put-away effort, and simplify invoicing by consolidating it into a single monthly bill. For example, if you’d like to manage the inventory of your facility yourself, our technology can lower costs and make the process more efficient. Or, if you’d like a comprehensive solution that allows you to focus more on the details of your business and less on inventory management, we can provide full-service onsite management, including crib management, supply sourcing, purchasing and performance metrics.

At AmeriSource Industrial Supply, we virtually eliminate the risk of investing in our process. Our programs come with a performance guarantee to reduce the overall total cost of your operation, making your MRO supply acquisition easy to manage, cost-efficient and reliable. To learn more about what makes us one of the leading providers of MRO supply and supply chain management solutions, contact us today.

Industrial Supplier

“AmeriSource has helped CN standardize all safety and maintenance supplies. They have also aggressively negotiated with major manufacturers of these supplies to assure CN receives some of the most competitive pricing available.

AmeriSource’s aggressive pricing structure, commitment to service and ability to supply such a vast basket of products has resulted in tremendous cost reductions for CN. In the last 3 years, we have documented combined savings in excess of $1,000,000 on an average annual spend of $4,600,000. These savings do not include CN’s own savings as a result of labor reductions, equipment, warehousing space, and inventory reductions.”

Nick Lesey, CN Senior Supply Chain Manager