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Jumbo Tissue Advantages

The Cost of Jumbo Making You Roll?  Make sure you know what is in the box ! Check linear feet o Industry Standard on 2 ply 9" tissue is 1000'.  There are a lot of cheater and short sheets in the market Check the width Standard is 3.8 Many manufactures have reduced the width of [...]

By | June 2nd, 2009|Cost Saving Ideas, Janitorial, Toilet Tissue|Comments Off on Jumbo Tissue Advantages

Rental Shop Towels vs Disposable Wipers

Rental shop towels are typically manufactured overseas and shipped  to a commercial laundry facility in the US.  The first use of a laundered shop towel may be as a white towel (virgin use).  Upon return from its first use, the towel may be dyed red or blue and laundered before being shipped to the next [...]

By | May 26th, 2009|Wipers|Comments Off on Rental Shop Towels vs Disposable Wipers
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