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Jumbo Tissue Advantages

The Cost of Jumbo Making You Roll?  Make sure you know what is in the box ! Check linear feet o Industry Standard on 2 ply 9" tissue is 1000'.  There are a lot of cheater and short sheets in the market Check the width Standard is 3.8 Many manufactures have reduced the width of [...]

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Disposable Dust Mop Advantages

The advantages of disposables. No effort on collecting and laundering Mop is designed to pick up dust vs wash. He will use less mops and do a better job.  Disposable can be used 10-20 times the average rental.  At the end of the shift brush apply treatment and it is ready to go for the [...]

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Supplier Reduction Cost Savings

Supplier Reduction Cost Savings Analysis -Amerisource Industrial Supply's mission is to help its customers reduce their maintenance cost by reducing supplier and product complexity.  We also have experience in house staff to assist our customers in solving their maintenance and facility supply challenges.  Finding solutions is our strength and if we don't know we will [...]

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Buying Mats vs Mat Rental Programs

                                Facts to consider regarding Rental Mat Programs  Most people using rental mat programs think it is more convenient to let the laundry wash their mats. If you analyze this you see that the laundry only cleans the mat one time a week or once every two weeks depending on the service interval. Washing mats [...]

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