Amersource History

Amerisource Industrial Supply was formed on May 2, 2004 through the consolidation of Michigan Glove & Safety Supply (MG) of Bloomfield Hills, MI, and Veterans Supply & Distributing Co. of Hamtramck, MI.  Despite our nominal existence dating back only 14 years, our background ties to 70+ years of measured success and a continuing evolution toward maximizing marketplace impact. Here’s our story…

MG Background:

Established in 1946, Michigan Glove & Safety Supply (MG) started with Tim Johns Senior and his business partners in Cleveland, OH. With annual sales reaching over $6M, the company found success supplying glove and safety items to prominent names in the industry – their main business being with Ford Motor Company.

Branching out to Detroit in the 1980’s, Tim’s son, Vanderbilt graduate Tim Johns Junior, eventually entered the business and was charged with growing the Detroit Branch. At the time of MG’s sale, owner Tim Johns Senior credited his desire to retire as his main motive for selling the business, with Tim Johns Junior having continued involvement in the evolution of the company after the sale.

Veterans Supply Background:

Also established in 1946, Veterans Supply & Distributing Co. was known for selling an odd mix of products, including janitorial items, various food items, food disposables, party supplies, tobacco & candy – the latter two categories accounting for approximately 40% of their sales.

Louis Ray went on to purchase Veterans Supply on October 2, 1995.  Total sales at that time were just over $750k. To align with the strategic direction of the company, product lines were altered to exclude the sale of food, tobacco, and candy items.

From 1995 until the end of 2000, Veterans Supply operated out of an 11,000-sq. ft. 2-story building without a dock on 3225 Caniff Street in Hamtramck’s retail district. By January 2001, the company moved to a 39,000-sq. ft. building at 9145 Vincent Street in Hamtramck’s industrial area to accommodate rapid growth. The addition of sales staff combined with the acquisitions of United Bar, MK Sales, Ag-Tec Chemical and Adrian Cleaning Supply helped boost sales to over $3.3M by 2003.

The Inception of Amerisource:

Finally, in May 2004, Tim Johns Junior of MG and Louis Ray of Veterans Supply merged the assets of the two entities to form Amerisource Industrial Supply (AIS). The merger helped facilitate taking on the MRO supply management contract for a national customer serving all 395 U.S. locations – a relationship we still enjoy today.

Continued growth has expanded Amerisource operations from our current headquarters located in the former Packard Marine Engine Plant on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit, MI, to now include branch locations in Greenville, WI; Chicago, IL; Nashville, TN; Memphis, TN; and Toledo, OH. With a continual prioritization of customer satisfaction, we see our ongoing growth as one step toward maximizing the experience of doing business with us as we strive to become the best industrial supply distributor of our kind.