Janitorial Supplies Michigan Tennessee Wisconsin – Amerisource Industrial Supply

Cleaning Products:                                                          
Heavy Duty Degreaser – AIS234 or AIS248                      
Sanitizer – ARR150 or ARR151                                            
Glass Cleaner – AIS42004                                                    
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish – #170                               
Neutral Cleaner – #242                                                         

Tools & Materials
Bucket with wringer
Clean buckets (2)
Wet mop
Clean cloths – Microfiber
Trigger Sprayer
Hand held brush 
Dust pan
Trash Liners
“Wet Floor” signs
Rubber gloves & safety glasses
Paper towels
Hand Soap


  1. Put on gloves and glasses. Put all food away prior to any cleaning operation.
  2. Check levels in all hand towel and hand soap dispensers and refill as necessary.
  3. Using a trigger sprayer filled with diluted cleaner/degreaser and a clean cloth, clean all kitchen surfaces
    1. Outside of oven, hood, refrigerator and counter tops.
    2. All doors into and out of the kitchen.
    3. Walls behind prep areas and where necessary.
    4. Towel and soap dispensers
    5. Faucets and cupboard handles.
  4. Wash windows/mirrors using glass cleaner and a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.
  5. Wipe Stainless Steel surfaces with Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. Wipe or spray on and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.
  6. Push all litter toward the door using a push broom.
    1. Avoid using a sweeping motion. Use only as a collecting tool.
    2. Pick up with dust pan and dispose in trash.
  7. Waste receptacle treatment:
    1. Twist and tie top of the liner closed. Lift out liner.
    2. Spray receptacle inside and out with sanitizer solution.
    3. Allow to air dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth.
    4. Reline with a new liner and place in original position.
  8. Place “Wet Floor” signs. Mop floors following the Floor Care Cleaning procedures for either finished or
    1. unfinished floors. Note: Polished floors should only be cleaner with a neutral cleaner. Unfinished tile floors or
    2. quarry tile should be cleaned with a dilute solution of Cleaner/Degreaser.