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How to routine clean patient/resident rooms

Tools & Materials Needed:
A. Trigger sprayer
B. Dust mop
C. Pump up sprayer and one bucket with wringer
or Two buckets with wringers
D. Wet mop
E. Vacuum
F. Carpet extractor
G. Clean cloths
H. Liners
I. Clean bucket
J. Gloves and glasses

1. #250 Facility Disinfectant Cleaner
2. #450 Glass Cleaner
3. #197 Bana Oil Dust Mop Treatment
4. #432 Spot, Stain & Odor Remover

5. #463 Liquid Extraction Cleaner


I. Purpose of Cleaning Patient/Resident Rooms

A. Clean and disinfect primary areas.

1. Maintain health of individuals in the facility
2. Reduce risk of spreading infections throughout facility

 II. General Considerations and Basic Procedures

A. Do not bring cleaning cart into the room.

1. Leave in hallway to avoid cross contamination between rooms.

B. Proper sequence of cleaning tasks

1. Clean patient/resident room first.
2. Clean patient/resident restroom after that.
3. Use a separate cleaning cloth for each room.
4. Move from the cleanest items to the dirtiest as you clean.

 C. Proper procedure for cleaning objects – Put on personal protective equipment.

1. For normal objects, spray cleaner disinfectant from a trigger spray bottle directly onto object, wiping clean with a cloth.
2. For electrical equipment, spray the cloth only to avoid electric shock. Examples of electrical equipment include televisions and monitors.

D. For floor mopping, two methods are acceptable.

1. Spray down/mop up method
2. Double bucket method

E. The cleaning and disinfecting power of a solution weakens as it gets dirty.

1. Change rinse water and cleaning solution when visibly soiled.
2. Change at least every three rooms, regardless of visual look.

F. When changing bed linen, always gently fold towards the middle.

1. Lofting or waving the linens in the air can spread bacteria.


III. Procedures for Daily Room Cleaning

A. Put on gloves.
B. Clean and disinfect all resident room surfaces using a trigger spray bottle filled with cleaner disinfectant solution and a clean cloth. Areas to clean include:

All horizontal flat surfaces Tables
Over bed table Furniture
Bed rails Chairs
Window sills Phone
Wall switches TV remote
Door facings Thermostat
Door handles

C. Spot clean walls for visible soiling.

D. Waste basket procedures

1. Carefully tie liner closed, lift and place in appropriate trash collection bag in cleaning cart.
2. Dispose of biohazardous waste appropriately.
3. Spray wastebasket inside and out with cleaner disinfectant solution.
4. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
5. Install new liner and replace wastebasket in proper location.

E. Hard floor care Procedures

1. Reposition all furniture into its correct room position.
2. Dust mop floor.
3. Damp mop floor with a Facility Disinfectant Cleaner.
          a. Use either the spray down/mop up method or the double bucket method.
4. Be sure to reach under the bed and other furniture with your cleaning mop.

F. Carpet Care Procedures

1. Vacuum carpet in all traffic lanes daily.
2. Clean spots immediately upon discovery using a carpet spotter and a blotting cloth.
         a. Extract spot with a clear water rinse and second blotting cloth.

IV. Additional Procedures for Weekly Resident Room Cleaning

A. Damp disinfect dust the room from the top down.

1. With a trigger sprayer of cleaner disinfectant, spray directly on clean cloth.
2. Clean specified areas with the treated cloth.
3. Rinse the cloth in a bucket of clear water frequently.
4. Respray the cloth from the trigger sprayer and continue to damp dust.
5. Cleaning from the top down, damp dust the following areas:

Tops of doors and frames
Ceiling vents and lights
Tops of light fixtures
Ceiling corners
Curtain rails
Venetian blinds
Top of television
Picture frames
Air conditioner vents
Electric cords
Cove molding
Heat registers
Floor registers

B. Wash the windows and glass surfaces.
C. Wipe down and disinfect the upper mattress surface, especially the seams.
D. Vacuum the curtains surrounding the bed and the window curtains.

 V. Additional Procedures for Monthly Resident Room Cleaning

A. Carpet cleaning

1. Vacuum carpet.
2. Get moveable furniture out of the way.
3. Prespray carpet with a Spot, Stain & Odor Remover.
4. Extract using Extraction Cleaner or use clear water in the extractor.
5. Be sure to get under the bed and furniture when you clean.