Janitorial Supplies Michigan – Amerisource Industrial Supply


 Products                                             Equipment
Big Disinfectant                                 Bucket/Wringer & Pail
Citroxy                                                24oz Looped Green wet mop
Nilium Deodorant/Enzyme        24″ Dust Mop
Exam Gloves                                     Angle Broom & Lobby dust pan
Hand Soap & Deodorant              Wet Floor Signs
Liners                                                  Sponge/Scrubbee
Toilet Tissue & Towels                  Bowl Brush
Glass Cleaner                                    Microfiber Towels Mops

  1. Assemble all products and materials.  It is best if a cart or cleaning basket is prepared for restroom cleaning. 
  2. Dilute cleaners in a pail and bucket/wringer 2-4oz per gallon.  Use the dilution station for best results dispensing chemicals
  3. Prop door in open position and post wet floor signs or restroom-closed signs.
  4. Spray sinks, counter, faucets, urinals, toilets, dispensers and fixtures with disinfectant.
  5. Dust mop floor and place trash in service cart.
  6. Empty all waste receptacles and place trash in service cart or larger trash bin. Damp wipe trash bins with disinfectant.
  7. Check supply of paper towel, tissue, soap and deodorant and replenish as needed. Make sure all dispensers are in working order with enough supplies to last until next cleaning.
  8. Mist glass cleaner on all mirrors and wipe dry with paper towel. Microfiber towels can be used to reduce chemical consumption and improve cleaning results
  9. Damp wipe with sponge and pail full of disinfectant solution all sinks, counters, faucets including pipes and walls.  Let air dry.
  10. Damp wipe all other toilet and urinal surfaces with disinfectant including top and bottom of the seat.
  11. Damp wipe all wall partitions with sponge and pail of disinfectant solution.
  12. Detail areas with glass cleaner as required.
  13. Damp mop floor with disinfectant solution (For very dirty floors you may need to pre-clean with citrus degreaser at 8oz per gallon first then disinfect as described) starting from rear of restroom and working towards the exit.  If the solution in the bucket turns cloudy change the solution it the bucket. Extra dirty restrooms may require more extensive cleaning measures using a cylindrical floor machine.
  14. If using micro fiber mops, wring out a mop and drop on floor.  pick up mop with flat mop holder and handle and start in a figure eight pattern on the farthest area away from the door.  Depending on the dirt load you may need to use two flat mops or you can spray solution on the floor to rewet the mop and continue cleaning.  Always mop in a figure eight in one direction.
  15. If there is persistant urine odor problem in the restroom mist Urine BioEnzyme cleaner on the trouble spots under urinals while the floor is still damp.
  16. Damp wipe the door, knob, handle and kick plate with disinfectant. Allow to air dry.

Productivity                    4 stalls     30min