Presidential Order #13101 defined GREEN as;

“products and services that reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.”

dfe-logo The Design for the Environment (DfE) program works with industry partners to improve human health impact, reduce environmental risks, and control costs




Canadian version of DfE.  North America’s oldest and most widely recognized certification of environmental leadership and programs




Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization protecting the environment by promoting the manufacture and use of environmentally friendly products and services



How Amerisource Industrial Supply Can help

Our process ensures you are using the best environmental products, controling consumptions and waste with the least amount of effort and where possible we recover waste streams for resuse. 

 Focus on Consumable Supplies


Paper Productsintuition

Named the second greenest company in the world, SCA Tissue is our preferred paper products provider.  Also recognized as one of the 100 most environmentally sustainable companies, they recycle over 700,000 tons of paper products annually and  have won numerous awards for energy efficiency, waste water reuse, and pollution prevention. AmeriSource carries the full line of SCA Tissue away from home products – including towels, toilet tissue, wipers, and napkins.

Why is SCA the right Choice

  1. Hands free dispensing
  2. 100% recycled paper content – post consumer waste
  3. Controlled consumption (mechanical or electronic)
  4. Waste reduction ( product and packaging)
  5. Potential for 7 LEEDS points
  6. Cost Competitive

Plastic Liners and Garbage Bagsliners

  1. Do you need a liner or a garbage bag?
  2. In industrial applications we can eliminate the need for liners and  garbage bags?
  3. Right-Fit Liners from Berry reduce plastic waste by fitting your container exactly
  4. Complete line of recycled resign bags

Hand Soap

Kutol and Technical Concepts are both Green Seal and allow us to offer an extensive array of alternatives to suit your needs – foam or lotion, counter or wall mount, and hands free

Which one is right for you?

  1. Waste reduction – Product & Packagingcleanshape
  2. Promote hand washing
  3. Eliminate antibacterial hand soap
  4. Reduced consumption (foam)
  5. No Cross contamination
  6. Reduced labor costs – top fill counter dispenser
  7. Hands free dispenser
  8. Cost competitive

 Cleaning Chemicals

  1. Certified by DFE or Green Seal
  2. Safe for employees and occupants
  3. Cost Competitive
  4. Performance competitive
  5. Proportion control systems to ensure proper dillutions
  6. Reusable dispensing to eliminate waste
  7. Concentrated to minimize packaging
  8. Floor finish and stripper systems free from Zinc & other toxic chemicals

Cleaning Equipment

  1. Hepa filtration improves indoor air quality
  2. Low moisture system reduce risk of mold
  3. Enhanced extraction cleaning systems
  4. UHS equipment traps dust and contaminants

Restroom Deodorizers & Equipmenttcell

T-Cell Odor Control

    1. No Batteries 
    2. No propellants
    3. No VOC

Noise free

    1. Reduced waste


Hands Free Restroom Fixturesautoflush

  1. Flush valves for toilets & Urinals
  2. Auto Faucets
  3. Hands Free Soaps Dispensers
  4. Automatic enzyme cleaning per flush

Hands free fixtures ensure a more sanitary restroom and reduces the risk of germ and bacteria contact.  They also save water and soap.

Entrance Matting

  1. Traps dirt and grime to protect floors and reduce cleaning requirementsmatting2
  2. Traps water to reduce slip and fall accidents
  3. Traps dust to reduce airborne contaminants and improve air quality
  4. Contain soil and water for convenient disposal
  5. High performance mats extended life reduce landfill requirements
  6. Potential for 1 LEEDS Point