From small office wastebaskets to large outdoor trash bins, high-density bags have the strength and capacity to accommodate trash containers of all sizes in establishments.

  • High-Density Liners are up to three times stronger, and weigh half as much as low density liners.  Substantial material savings on a per liner basis.
  • Are an excellent economical choice for heavy, wet trash and soft refuse, not suitable for trash with sharp edges or sharp points
  • Offer superior vapor and moisture protection.
  • Have smaller, lighter cases, which lower freight costs, storage and warehouse costs
  • High Density Liners  (grocery bag material) punctures, with a zipper quick reaction
  • Are more temperature resistant than low density liners
  • High Density liners, a good rule of thumb it’s a front building liner (holding smooth and heavy material)
  • Greener choice as they hold more trash per pound which requires less plastic waste