Every day without us is another day of lost savings in both cost and effort.

At Amerisource, we understand that the highly competitive industrial supply industry gives buyers a breadth of supplier options. What sets us apart from the rest is our unique hybrid structure:  We are large enough to be cost competitive with major players in the industry, yet small enough to provide customized programs that are uniquely tailored to our customers’ requirements.

With over 70 years of industry experience, our extensive range of products, unparalleled service capabilities, and innovative supply management solutions provide unmatched value to our customers—our success being measurably exemplified with over 98.5% fill rates and order accuracy exceeding 99.8%. See our reference letters for further evidence of our proven track record in delivering industrial supply cost savings.

It is generally understood by industry professionals that when purchasing industrial and MRO supplies, the merchandise price as shown on the invoice is only 40% of the total cost of procurement. Requisitioning, cutting the PO, receiving and storing the product, and processing the invoice account for the remaining 60%. Because of this, companies are at the point of diminishing returns in realizing price reductions. Through our people, our process, and our technology, we can help you realize substantial cost savings by analyzing and implementing;

  1. Best Practices
    1. Are the optimal products being used?
  2. Consumption Controls
    1. How is the product being inventoried and controlled?
    2. Is there waste or over consumption?
    3. Reduction in inbound freight costs
  3. Simplifying the Procurement Process
    1. Automating the requisition process
    2. Eliminate or minimize requisitions and purchase orders
    3. Reduce receiving and put away effort
    4. Eliminate or reduce invoicing – one detailed bill per month
  4. Resource Recovery
    1. Are there waste streams we can eliminate?

Why us? It’s simple!

  • We have a proven track record
  • Integrity – we do what we promise
  • Our people have the experience
  • Program is tailored to the way you do business
  • We are big enough to compete and small enough to give you excellent service

Call us today to start the process, and we will come out and do a free site evaluation.

What our clients are saying

I wanted all of you at AIS/KLEEN TECH


Judy Young, Operations, Severstal NA

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Large enough for competitive
pricing but small enough
for customized programs


Over 100,000 quality
products from the brands
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& Accuracy

CMI, VMI, and
on-site management with
MRO technology

Value-Added Services

Amerisource leverages several partner relationships with experienced engineers, maintenance and reliability experts, and technical buyers to provide our clients with access to the following value-added services.