Choosing a VOC Compliant Herbicides


The key question is what do you want to kill and for how long.  Residual herbicides are longer lasting up to one year.  A herbicide can be selective or non selective in what they kill.  Non selective are designed to eliminate the toughest perennial weeds and new plant growth for an extended period. Ideal for areas such as ditches, fence rows, parking lots, patios, brick paths and railroad tracks.

The next question is the concentration and form.  Herbicides come in Aerosols, RTU (ready to use), concentrates or granular.

Some Plants

All Plants

  • I want to prevent regrowth for up to a year
  • I want to be able to plant again in the same area, soon
    • Eliminator NW Concentrate Diquat
    • Round-Up
    • Zap-It  Glyphosate