Type of Trash

  1. Trash with sharp objects require low density liners
  2. Wet trash requires thicker liners to hold the liquid but not liners will hold liquid for long periods
  3. General office trash is best contained with high density liners

Trash container

  1. Formula for sizing W+L + 2-3 inches by Depth plus 4 inches.  For circular containers use have the circumference


Type of bag High Density or Low Density

  1. Low density bags stretch more than high density
    1. bags that use recycled fibers are more brittle
    2. Measure of thickness is generally mil
  2. High density bags have higher tensile strength but they are more brittle and can zipper when punctured
    1. Measure of thickness is generally micron

$ per pound

  1. This is the key measurement of value.  You are essentially buy a block of plastic that has been blown into a bag shape

Bottom, top configuration and seams

  1. Flat bottoms have one seem and this tends to be the weakest part of the bag
  2. Star seals are best with no direct seam on the bottom of the bag. 
  3. Bags can have plain tops or draw tapes or handles for tieing

Pack – flat, coreless rolls, convenience

  1. Flat or bulk packaging has the bags loaded in the box folded or in randomn order
  2. Coreless rolls have the bags rolled flat in bundles of 25 or so bags.  They can be perforated where the next bags has to be torn off or interwoven for easy removal
  3. Convenience packaging has all the bags on a single roll in the box.  They have a dispenser box option where liners can be taken off the roll one at a time.


Manufacturing Process

Resin is melted and blown into a long tube – color may be added. The tube is cut to length and the ends is gathered and sealed. Bags are cooled and packed.


Sizes     Mics  Mils

24×25              6                      .3
24×33              8                      .5
30×36              10                    .6
33×39              12                    .9 or 1
40×48              14                    1.3 or 1.5
38×58              16                    1.7 or 2.0        
43×47              22                    3.0

Mils to Mic Conversion

WxLxMil/15=LBS per 1000




Competitive Information to acquire when cross referencing or specifying a bag.


Thickness – Equivalent means nothing
Case Weight
Mfg Code



Pitt Plastics


High Density            Low Density

Tensile Strength                                                          More Elastic
More Leak Proof                                                         Holes won’t make bag fail
Zippers – good for paper waste                            Good with sharp trash, glass etc
Lower cost per bag                                                     
Fastest growing