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Case Study:

Aphase II, headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, has two facilities that provide prototype plastic and metal parts primarily to the automotive industry.

Owner Rob Bluthardt says they excel at producing complicated mock-ups and alpha builds on a timely basis without sacrificing quality or incurring unneeded cost. Like other automotive suppliers, they struggled during the recession; however, their capabilities enabled them to navigate the recession successfully, and they have since experienced considerable business expansion. Nevertheless, the growth caused some pains:

  • Jobs increased dramatically, requiring cost accounting time
  • Inventory stockouts of key supplies caused emergency supply deliveries
  • A full-time employee had to be assigned to keep track of MRO inventory and replenishment
  • Consumption of MRO supplies increased more than anticipated with no ability to determine the cause

Part of Rob’s model is to not incur unneeded costs, which led him to find a solution to the above problems. After a brief consideration of vending machines, he decided to implement EZSource Crib Management. Vending machines simply could not accommodate all of his MRO supplies, and he did not want to implement a piecemeal strategy. He wanted a total solution to his MRO supply problems, and EZSource delivered. Implementation was handled entirely by Amerisource. His employees adopted the technology with ease and no issues. The following are the actual results of the implementation of EZSource at Aphase:

  • Consumption of MRO supplies dropped 27%
  • Eliminated one full-time employee assigned to MRO supply management
  • Eliminated 15 vendors
  • Reduced cost on 20% of items resourced to Amerisource
  • Reduced PO’s and vendor invoices from 200+ per month to 1
  • Real time and accurate job costs on thousands of jobs available 24/7/365
  • Stockouts have been eliminated completely
  • Inventory velocity reports allowed for inventory optimization, leading to a 20% reduction in MRO inventory and elimination of waste from dead inventory.

To Quote Rob:  “Implementation was a snap, and it delivered more than I expected! It reduced our overall cost by eliminating a full time employee, reducing supply consumption, and drastically minimizing the purchasing and accounting effort. EZSource has allowed Aphase to get accurate costing of all perishables, per job, in real time with no effort.”

Aphase II