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EZSource Guarantee

We guarantee that you will save money with the program, or we will pay you 100% of your monthly spend in cash.

What do we do for you?

We are a premier supply company that is in the industrial supply replenishment business!

We supply what you demand…..bottom line cost savings.

Most companies are trying to find out how to do more with less and they focus on the price of the products they buy.  We are a supply chain partner who has figured out that supply cost doesn’t bust your bottom line….it’s the process that matters.  It’s where all the MONEY is wasted.

Independent purchasing studies indicate that 60% of supply cost is consumed in the purchasing process which includes; requisitioning, cutting the PO, receiving and storing the product, and processing the invoice. EZSource automates this process thus minimizing the highest percentage of your costs.

Your company may have many different supply requirements, so we offer a portfolio of solutions designed to accommodate varying needs.Scanfob_2002_with_paper_clip_BT_90x90

Your optimal process may incorporate any number of the above. Partner with us and we will do all the work for you.  We will manage the transition from start to finish ensuring you start realizing savings as soon as possible.  Typically implementation can take 1-6 months.

What do you get?

EZSource optimizes your replenishment process delivering the following results:

  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Save up to one full-time employee.
  • Consumption reductions of 25-40%
  • Real-time accurate usage reporting
  • Reduction in supply inventory
  • One monthly summary invoice
  • No more paperwork to process
  • No more stock outs and emergency runs
  • No more inbound freight & expediting
  • No more obsolete inventory

What will it cost?

  • Products purchased from us
  • EZSource Crib – you provide the physical crib
  • Annual Software License $199
  • No setup fee
  • No minimum purchase requirement
  • No formal contract

*Most installations are within this range but can large with more complex service requirements.