I wanted all of you at AIS/KLEEN TECH to know that our VP and GM of Operations have repeatedly praised all of your hard work in updating the SOO Building. All of the improvements you’ve done over the past few months have it looking like a professional office! We are hearing compliments about how nice it is to visit and work at the SOO. From our Housekeeping to our Maintenance Technicians, you have made it a better place to work! Thank you!
Judy Young, Operations, Severstal NA

We have purchased our housekeeping and floor finishing products, in addition to the majority of our equipment from them for over a decade. Their team is thorough, friendly, very responsive and always willing to research products and equipment when needed. The delivery of our large supply order is impressive. We usually receive these orders the day after I place the order.

We have had chemical and paper dispensers installed in several areas in each building throughout our campus. Diane and her team have completed each of these projects both promptly and efficiently.

Cherie Hannan, Housekeeping Supervisor
Cranbrook Educational Community

In 2009, Amerisource was contracted to implement the SCA Tork Matic Hand Towel System, SCA Jumbo Toilet Tissue Reserve Dispensers, Stockhause Foam Soap Dispenser and Stockhausen Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. This was a monumental undertaking and a job well done by Amerisource! Heading the project was Diane Johnson. Diane coordinated all 15 of my schools with the removal of old dispensers and the install of new dispensers.

The Grosse Pointe Schools are pleased with this change. Not only did it add to our “Green” program by changing to the SCA dispenser systems, but it also provided uniformity distributed product throughout the entire district. Amerisource also recycled our old dispensers!Amerisource continues to impress by the added value they provide GPS. On line ordering, customer service, on-time delivery. It is truly a pleasure to work with the people at Amerisource.Should you have any questions, or require additional information please contact me. I will be happy to share my experiences.
Tom Zaglaniczny, Supervisor of Custodial Operations
Amerisource Industrial Supply has been supplying CN’s entire US operation with Janitorial, Maintenance, Safety, Hand Tools, Fasteners and many other railroad specific and general Industrial Supplies since 1989. Upon our purchases of the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, the Illinois Centrals Railroad and the Wisconsin Central Railroad, Amerisource Industrial Supply has opened stocking warehouse facilities to meet our supply and service requirements. They currently have 3 strategically located warehouses in Detroit, Memphis and Neenah WI and manage more than 7500 MRO Products and Industrial Supplies through an online catalog they developed specifically for CN.  Amerisource provides delivery service to more than 100 CN facilities located in 11 states. In some locations, they provide vendor managed inventory programs and even hand unload products. They have also supported us extremely well in emergencies resulting from weather or other causes.

Amerisource has helped CN standardize all safety and maintenance supplies.  They have also aggressively negotiated with major manufacturers of these supplies to assure CN receives some of the most competitive pricing available.  Amerisource’s aggressive pricing structure, commitment to service and ability to supply such a vast basket of products has resulted in tremendous cost reduction for CN.  CN is the most successful Class 1 railroad in North America.  We have accomplished this, in part, by partnering with companies like Amerisource Industrial Supply and would give them a strong recommendation.

Brigitte Michaud, CN Supply Management

JCI is the facility manager for Detroit’s McNamara Terminal. Part of our responsibility is to ensure that the terminal has adequate supplies of janitorial and maintenance items. Our delivery requirements are very specific and include specifications restricting the dimensions of the pallets, height and bar coding. Further, dock appointments must be made and keep within a tight time window.

We have used many local distributors in our search for the service we require. Amerisource was the only one to meet our specifications on every delivery. We no longer worry about weekly orders being delivered with the correct items, on time and complete. Ordering is easy with their on line order entry. Their customer service department is excellent as they double check orders for unusual items and order quantities.

A great deal of companies talk about service, Amerisource has backed it up with performance. We have worked hard to find the correct supplier partner as our services is only as good as our weakest vendor. They “get it” and we only expect to grow our partnership with them in the future.

If you would like to discuss our experience with Amerisource please do not hesitate to call at (248) 444-6295
Charlie McDonald, McNamara Terminal Johnson Controls

Colliers International manages The Dime Building in downtown Detroit. In our capacity as manager we manage the maintenance and supplies for the building. We recently changed our source for maintenance supplies to Amerisource Industrial Supply.

Their innovative programs and cost savings and improvement ideas were the key factors in our decision to change from our long standing vendor. The change was handled seamlessly and professionally. Their on line order entry has simplified my purchasing. Deliveries are complete, on time and accurate. We could not be happier with Amerisource and we are in the process of implementing more of their improvement suggestions.

It is great to have a supplier that can help with our maintenance issues. We look forward to a long and successful business partnership.

Richard W. DeBolt, Property Manager
Colliers International

This letter is written as support for Amerisource Industrial Supply. We are 211 Fort Washington Associates, we are a local Detroit property management company, Amerisource has been servicing our needs and requirements for over 10 years.Amerisource has provided 211 Fort Washington Associates complete service of Janitorial, Paper, and Floor Machines, not to mention incidentals such as light bulbs.Amerisource continues to prove themselves by their response and service to our needs. They have instilled themselves with their constant approach for cost savings and inventory maintenance, not to mention their hand’s on handling of our business.From easy on-line order placement and customer service, to accurate, on-time delivery; it is a pleasure to work with Amerisource and we are always looking for additional avenues to utilize their assets. We are very pleased with their aggressive approach to cost savings in the current economy, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Amerisource for a very long time.
Al Deacon, Fort Washington Associates
This letter is written to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided to us by Amerisource Industrial Supply Company.

Being a non-profit human service organization, JVS is committed to being fiscally responsible and thereby performs a bid process for janitorial cleaning supplies. Amerisource joins us in this endeavor and as a result has been the successful contract holder for our supplies for several years.

We have janitorial cleaning programs running out of three JVS facilities in the metro Detroit area and with this large volume of work it is essential that we have next day as well as accurate deliveries. Amerisource goes a step further by monitoring our stock levels to ensure we are never without product, an extra service we have come to rely on.

Our sales representative is professional, experienced in the products she sells and is easily contacted when necessary. We appreciate the relationship we have built with Amerisource Industrial Supply over the years and look forward to a continuing partnership with them.

Patty Wolnie, Purchasing Coordinator
Jewish Vocational Service

Amerisouce Industrial Supply has been our preferred provider for MRO supplies for the past 17 months. In that time, we have come to appreciate their immediate response to almost any request. Whether it is an everyday janitorial supply or a specialty bag used for packaging one of our customer’s items, Amerisource has helped us remain competitive in a difficult market.

We appreciate their efforts and suggest that you give them the opportunity to help you as they have helped us.

If you would like more information about Amerisource or what they are doing for Luster Cleaning Inc., please feel free to give me a call.
Greg Stanis, Luster Cleaning Inc.