Stop The Spread – Clean and Contain Nursing Home laundry

Janitorial Supplies Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin - Amerisource Industrial Supply Stop The Spread - Clean and Contain Nursing Homes: Failure to sterilize linens can become an incubator for the spread of Bacteria and may cause infections in residents, personnel who work at the facility and family and friends who come to visit. Nursing homes, other health [...]

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Latex Allergies & Glove Selection

Safety Supplies Michigan Tennessee Wisconin - Amerisource Industrial Supply Latex Allergies & Glove Selection A Latex Allergy is an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex most commonly found in latex gloves and balloons. Symptoms can include hives or welts, swelling of the affected area, runny nose, sneezing, headache, reddened itchy or teary eyes, sore throat [...]

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Latex & Nitrile Price Trends

  Industrial Supplies Michigan - Amerisource Industrial Supply Natural Rubber & Nitrile Raw Material Trends Both materials are key components in the manufactur of unsupported, dipped and coated liquid and chemical resistent gloves.  These trends will affect the pricing of those categories of gloves.  Natural Rubber: Since January, raw material costs have increased by 60%, [...]

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Dipped Glove Selection Guide

Industrial Supplies Michigan Tennessee Wisconsin Dipped Gloves - Amerisource Industrial Supply Dipped Glove Selection Guide Flat Nitrile Coated Strength - Non-porous high chemical resistance; high abrasion resistance; great for dry applications Weakness - Poor wet grip; no coating breathability; slightly stiff; low cust and heat resistance Applications - Automotive assembly, food packaging, furniture mfg, electronics, [...]

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Dipped Gloves Questions Answered

 Industrial Supplies Michigan Tennessee Wisconsin Safety Products Gloves - Amerisource Industrial Supply Frequently Asked Questions for Dipped Gloves 1. What are the benefits of a nylon shell glove? a. Nylon gloves are preferred for many reasons. They provide excellent strength, flexibility, toughness, elasticity, abrasion resistance, washability, and ease of drying. 2. What are the benefits [...]

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