The Rundown on Matting: Commercial & Industrial

From the entryway of a school building to the shop floor of a manufacturing plant, matting has a place in just about every industry. While the function of matting varies—ranging from safety and ergonomics to facility maintenance or even decor—its integral and fundamental application in both commercial and industrial environments provides solutions to everyday problems. Here’s a rundown on some of the most common commercial and industrial matting types/functions:

Safety- and Health-Related Matting Functions

Depending on the specific mat, some prominent safety- and health-related matting functions may include:  

  • Preventing life-threatening electrical shock and/or harmful chemical contact
  • Mitigating the risk of accidental slips and falls
  • Providing ergonomic support to increase worker comfort and productivity, while minimizing pain and fatigue
  • Guarding against bacteria in germ-intensive environments

Maintenance-Related Matting Functions

Maintenance-related matting functions may include:

  • Prolonging floor surface life
  • Dust & Dirt Reduction / Minimizing maintenance and reducing cleaning costs


Scraper Matting

Did you know that 70-80% of a building’s dust, grime and dirt is tracked inside on people’s feet? That’s why scraper mats are a crucial function toward facility maintenance efforts, effectively serving as your first line of defense against contaminants entering the building, all while saving you maintenance dollars and protecting your building’s assets. Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, the efficacy of scraper mats lies in the implied “scraping” action they provide, effectively trapping dirt and debris in recessed areas until they are cleaned.

Scraper/Wiper Matting

Scraper/Wiper mats provide both a “scraping” and “wiping” action that to further prevents dirt and moisture from entering your building. These mats are typically used indoors and made of a tough fabric that channels and retains dust in recessed grooves, while absorbing moisture in the fabric face.

Wiper Matting

Meant to be used indoors and in conjunction with both a scraper mat and scraper/wiper mat, Wiper mats are designed to stop any remaining dust, dirt or moisture from entering the facility, improving the appearance and life of your flooring. These mats are typically made with carpet facing to complement most interiors.

Custom Logo Matting

Custom logo mats are a unique way to promote a company’s image. Logos or other designs can be replicated on the face of numerous styles of mats without any setup charge. Logo mats add a professional look to any entrance, while acting as a further barrier to keep contaminants from entering a facility.


Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue mats provide ergonomic support through a cushioned surface that can reduce worker fatigue by up to 50% and increase worker productivity by over 20%. These mats work by increasing blood circulation and reducing pressure on the body’s musculoskeletal system. They also reduce foot arch pronation, varicose veins, and pain commonly attributed to standing for long periods of time.

Anti-Static Matting

Anti-static mats include non-conductive mats and static dissipative mats that protect against shock and high voltages. Non-conductive (Switchboard) mats insulate workers, protecting them from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment. Meanwhile, static dissipative (ESD) mats are designed to protect sensitive equipment by quickly drawing the static off workers before they touch susceptible chemicals or equipment. The primary difference between the two is that conductive mats disperse the static electricity quicker than static dissipative and thus should be used around the most sensitive equipment.

Anti-Slip Matting

85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors, which is why anti-slip mats are so important. These mats have uniquely designed and textured surfaces that help to prevent accidental slips and falls in the workplace. Heavy-duty rubber keeps the mats in place and prevents movement on a variety of surfaces.

Flow Through Matting

Flow through mats allow liquids to pass through them to eliminate slip hazards. Anti-fatigue properties provide comfort when standing for long periods of time. The thick rubber helps alleviate stress on the legs, feet and lower back.

Clean Room Matting

Perfect for laboratory, medical and food processing applications, clean room mats are designed to trap impurities, preventing dirt, debris, and contaminants from entering sensitive areas. Clean room sticky mats feature an adhesive “tacky” surface that pulls dirt and dust from shoes, wheels and other passing objects before they can contaminate a “clean room.”

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Mat Rent vs Buy Analysis

Janitorial Supplies Michigan – Buy vs Renting Mats & Runners

Link To Buy vs Rent Analysis Spreadsheet

Over 80% of all matting is rented from a laundry service company.   The main reason cited for using this service is convenience.  As shown in the above spreadsheet it is certainly not more cost effective.  It is much cheaper to purchase high quality mats than to have them changed every week.   High quality mats are guaranteed for 3-5 years of useful life.  The main maintenance required is daily vacuuming.  The cost of periodic deep cleaning is included in the cost of owning the mats.  The initial cost of the mats can be leased or financed to reduce the impact on cash flow.  The savings will more than provide an adequate return on investment.

Key Factors in Buying vs Renting Mats

  1. Rented mats are rubber backed and of lower density and quality
  2. Purchased mats are higher quality and have heavy vinyl backing and dense pile. 
  3. Flexible sizing so you can better match mat sizes to areas to cover
  4. Wide selection of mat types to match requirements of area to be covered
  5. Wide selection of colors to match decor
  6. High quality mats main ongoing maintenance is regular vacuuming

Call us today to walk you through your matting requirements.  Most companies do not have the required amount or correct sizes of matting to be most effective.  Proper matting in place saves cleaning costs and improves the appearance of the facility.

Entrance Matting

Janitorial Supplies Michigan
Amerisource Industrial Supply

Proper Entrance Matting

Long Term Cost Savings


Entrance matting when combined as a system is designed to halt dirt, moisture and other debris at the door. When utilized correctly the matting system will help keep floors clean throughout the building. Schools, offices, hospitals, commercial and even industrial facilities can benefit form installing the roper entrance matting system.

It is called a “system” because more than one mat is used and the matting consists of different types. Each matt does a specific job to help keep your building clean. The matt comes in various sizes to fit your entrance dimensions, as well as, different colors and constructions to fit your décor.

An entrance matting system when properly placed helps provide better looking floors; they stay cleaner longer, are easier to maintain and safer to traffic.

A proper matting system consists of two parts. The outdoor or foyer matt is your first line of debris defense. This type of mat is called a Scraper Mat. Its job is to act like a scraper to the sol of shoes, boots, wheels and anything else that runs over it. There are two types of scraper mats.

One is a vinyl looped construction. This allows dirt and moisture to fall below the matting surface, keeping the shoes dry and clean. The Vinyl looped mat is ideal for flat first mat applications in entrance exteriors and foyers.

The second type is an open “Z” vinyl construction with peaked edges that provide excellent scraping action. This is an excellent mat for recessed wells.

The second part of a Proper Matting System is the Carpet Mat. This is your last line of defense in the entrance matting system. This mat is designed for indoor use and it removes moisture, as well as, dirt not removed by the outdoor scraper mat.  This mat consists of coarse fibers that scrape soil particles form shoes, and also, fine fibers that help wick away moisture.

The benefits of a proper matting system are significant cost reductions in that category of your balance sheet. First, the cost savings from continual floor maintenance can, in many instances, pay for the mats themselves. Simply vacuum and extract debris form the mat as you would any carpet and the life of the mat will increase. Second by owning and performing daily maintenance you no longer need to rent or lease your mats, therefore lessening your mat expense.

In closing, the purchase and maintenance of your own matting system is not only cost effective but can add elegant décor to your facility.

Matting Program


The most vital part of a comprehensive floor care program begins with stopping the dirt and crud at the door.  Some facts to consider:

  • 1. 70-80% of soil is tracked from outside shoe traffic
  • 2. The cost to remove 1lb of dirt from your facility is $600
  • 3. One square yard of carpet can accumulate 1lb of dirt per week
  • 4. Without matting 1500 people will track in enough dirt to remove 42% of the floor coating on a 2 coat program.
  • 5. 20 feet of a high quality mat will will stop 86% of the dirt  

A matting system must:

  1. Trap Dirt               = Scrapper Mat
  2. Hold Dirt               = Scraper Mat
  3. Hide Dirt               = Combination Wiper/Scraper Mat
  4. Absorb Moisture   = Wiper Mat

The relatively small cost of purchasing and maintain a matting system will more than provide an adequate payback on your investment.  If you can eliminate a modest 1lb of dirt per week, that would provide a $600 per week savings in cleaning cost.

Outside Entrances

Scrapper Mat          Astro-Turf H-D       $10.00/sq ft 
                                      Mat-a-Dor 3’x6′       $175

Heavy Duty Polyethylene blades
Guaranteed 3 years
Traps two times the dirt of any other mat, almost 2lb per square foot
Easy clean up – pressure wash


Wiper/Scrapper       Crown-Turf             $10.00/sq ft
                                        Bristle Mat              $ 2.90/sq ft

Heavy Crush resistant nylon fiber, same as athletic fields
Guaranteed 3 years
Hold 1lb of dirt per square foot
Quick dry time less between 3 and 4 hours
Superior abrasion resistance
Easy clean up – pressure wash
Bristle mat – Monofilament bristles mixed with olefin 

Inside Entrances  

Wiper                      Imperial Twist         $3.70/sq ft
                                   Wonder Pro            $2.70/sq ft

Nylon twisted pile gives superior crush resistance
Dries 15% faster than standard olefin mats
Excellent Soil resistance
Easy to clean vacuum/extract
Olefins better soil resistance/Nylon better crush resistance

Eliminating Urine Smell in Restrooms

This is a very common problem in all men’s restrooms no matter the age of the bathroom.  Even the best and most frequent cleaning will not rid the bathroom of the reappearing urine smell.  Hilton Hotels had this problem in a 3 month old facility and had cleaning staff detailing grout lines with a toothbrush.  Well no need for such medieval methods.

There is more than one answer to this difficult problem.  The real cause of the problem is urine loving bacteria that grow in the grout.  Urine penetrates the grout even if it is sealed with silicone or floor finish.  Surface cleaning does not penetrate deep enough to kill the bacteria so once the cleaner’s odor has dissipated the urine smell returns. 

Solution 1: Immediately after mopping spray the urinal or bowl areas with Nilodor’s Bacteria/Enzyme.  The bacteria/enzyme must be applied when the floor is wet. The product will destroy the urine loving bacteria and the odor will be eliminated.  It may take a week of application to get the bathroom back in control.  After the initial period regular treatments will keep the problem in check.

Solution 2: Clean the floor as above and then Amreps CRYSTAL GUARD IMPREGNATOR AMRB00848.  This clear impregnator is impervious to urine. As a result, the urine will not penetrate the grout and can be cleaned away in daily mopping.  It does not change the slip characteristics of the floor nor can you notice that it has been applied.

Solution 3: Clean the floor as in solution 1 and then put down a Urinal Floor Guard.  The Floor Guard fits under the urinal and catches the urine over spray thus eliminated the problem by preventing the urine from reaching the floor.  It is applied with velcro so the area under the Floor Guard can be cleaned.  It works very simply by catching urine in an absorbent treated with enzymes.  After a certain period 3 days to one week just pick it up and throw the top replaceable unit away and install a new one.

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