AmeriSource Benefits

Industry-Leading Product Availability

When it comes to MRO, having the supplies you need both when and where you need them can become critical to your organization’s operational efficiency and bottom line. At AmeriSource, our vast supplier network provides us with industry-leading product availability, ensuring our customers have efficient access to the full range of industrial and MRO supplies they require to keep their operations running smoothly.

Supplier Affiliations

AmeriSource is a proud partner and subsequent member of some of the largest buying groups in the industrial distribution and MRO supply sector, including Affiliated Distributors, Industrial Supply Association, and Do It Best Corporation. Collectively, our relationships with each of these supplier networks provides us with the necessary buying power, support, and resources to continue to provide our customers with value-added services, competitive pricing, and an ever-growing product selection.

Strategic Sourcing Services

When it comes to sourcing strategy, AmeriSource utilizes a ‘best source’ approach by leveraging our network of global manufacturers and preferred local, regional, and national suppliers to support the operational and savings goals for our clients. Our Central Sourcing Team provides strategic sourcing support to drive cost reduction initiatives through direct to manufacturer and wholesale agreements, line item negotiation, and commodity-based agreements, while our site level buyers focus on tactical sourcing and the execution of the purchase order. A closed-loop procure-to-pay system streamlines procurement management processes, allowing our clients to recognize significant transaction cost reductions, material cost savings due to the application of sourcing strategies, and increased effectiveness across storeroom management activities.

Supply Management Solutions

At AmeriSource, we are armed with the people, processes, and technology to “right-size” your organization’s MRO inventory in accordance with best-in-class supply chain performance standards. Offering a portfolio of flexible supply management solutions through our service-based subsidiary, EZSouce Solutions, our singular digital platform provides our customers with real-time inventory tracking, powerful reporting and analytics, streamlined procurement processes, and consumption reductions of 25-40%. Find out more at

Warranty & Repair Services

AmeriSource’s indirect material warranty and repair services help keep our customers’ costs low by maximizing the lifecycle of critical MRO tools and equipment. To do this, we blend technology and process to track in-service and shelf-life warranties on new and repaired parts. We apply a unique part serialization number to each part to accurately track the item from shelf to service, and our ISO 9001 approved storeroom operations assure that our tracking of the product warranty is accurate and auditable at each facility we operate. Meanwhile, our repairs program utilizes industry-leading repairs services that are ISO 9001 registered for industrial repairs and ISO 17025 labs for lab repairs. Collectively, these services yield tremendous savings for our customers, many times exceeding savings of 40% on parts in the program.