Last Chance: CASH Incentives for LED Lighting Upgrades / DTE Energy Electric Service Area

Source: DTE Energy, 2018

To our customers in Southeast Michigan serviced by DTE Energy Electric Services: 

Don’t miss your chance to leverage the remaining 2018 rebates and incentives for the installation of energy efficient lighting upgrades in your facility! From simple lighting upgrades to major system redesigns and new construction projects, it’s not too late to take advantage of incentives that will drastically reduce your upfront costs, while improving your company’s sustainability and bottom line for years to come.

With incentives awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and less than 15% of available electric rebate funds left to reserve before the 2018 Program Year ends on November 30, 2018, now’s the time to secure funding for leaner, greener LED lighting upgrades.

And, through October 31, 2018, DTE Energy is offering increased savings values PLUS a 40% bonus on the Base Incentive Rate for all T12 fixtures upgraded to DLC-certified* LED fixtures and retrofit kits – a limited time offer you won’t want to miss!

Let Amerisource & Our Partners Help You Light Your Way to Savings!

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Here’s How We’ll Help:

Lighting incentives vary across projects, including the quantity, size, and efficiency of fixtures utilized; however, when you partner with us, we’ll remove the hassle and complexities often attributed to rebate programs, providing you with convenient access to the quality, competitively-priced LED products you expect, along with the resources, expertise, and project support to effectively maximize cost- and energy-saving outcomes of your lighting upgrade project. The process will look something like this:

  • Determine Eligibility
    • To be eligible to receive lighting incentives from DTE Energy, you must be a DTE Energy business customer in good standing.
  • Lighting Audit
    • We’ve partnered with Straits Lighting, a leading LED lighting manufacturer based out of Wixom, MI, to provide our customers serviced by DTE Energy Electric Services access to a free lighting audit, which will determine the right energy efficient lighting solution for your facility, maximizing cost- and energy-saving opportunities while identifying and processing applicable rebates and incentives to offset upfront costs.
  • Reservation Application
    • Once you’ve approved the lighting project measures, we’ll complete your Reservation Application—from filling out the product specifications, to the number of fixtures, and kW reduction per fixture—to calculate your exact incentives and secure those funds.
  • Installation
    • Upon receiving project approval from DTE Energy, installation may begin. The project must be completed within 90 days of the date indicated on your Reservation Letter, confirming that DTE Energy is holding your incentives for 90 days or until November 30, 2018—whichever comes first.
  • Completion/Final Application
    • Once your project is complete, we’ll submit your Final Application to DTE Energy, including all required documentation and following compliance procedures (within 60 days of the completion date or by November 30, 2018, whichever comes first). Required documentation will be reviewed and evaluated by DTE Energy to ensure program compliance.
  • Incentive Checks
    • Incentive checks can be expected 4-6 weeks after project approval.
*Note:  DTE Energy may perform pre- or post-installation inspections to verify compliance with the program and verify the accuracy of your project.

Why Upgrade to LED Now?

  • Drastically Reduce Project Costs w/ Applicable Rebates & Incentives
    • DTE incentives are available in 3 categories: Prescriptive, Custom, and New Construction/Major Renovation.
      • Prescriptive incentives are based on predetermined energy savings and are available for many common energy efficiency measures, typically averaging 20-50% of the incremental cost of the equipment or services provided.
      • Custom incentives include capital investment projects not outlined in the Prescriptive incentives, typically due to less common or more complex technologies and equipment. Lighting incentives are determined on a case-by-case basis and are based on the first year of energy savings (kWh), with incentives being capped off at 50% of project costs.
      • New Construction/Major Renovation incentives are available for new facilities, the renovation of existing facilities, or a change of use project. Depending on the project approach, incentives may be predetermined to optimize the energy efficiency of individual systems or based on energy savings validated by LEED.
    • Improve ROI
      • According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), energy-efficient lighting upgrades represent the highest return on investment of any single-technology project, with an average ROI of 45 percent. These upgrades pay for themselves on average in 2.2 years, and the payback continues over the lifetime of the system through reduced energy and maintenance costs. As noted, rebates and incentives will inherently offset upfront costs, and beyond initial savings, can improve payback by 20-25%.
    • Decrease Energy & Maintenance Costs
      • Lighting accounts for 20% to 50% of the average business’ electricity consumption. On the bright side, that means you can enjoy significant savings — often 40-60% on energy costs — by making simple lighting improvements. Plus, new, energy efficient lighting systems require less maintenance than older lighting systems due to enhanced technology, longer lifespans, and easier replacement methods—all of which yields savings on maintenance as well.
    • Improve Your Facility’s Lighting Quality
      • In addition to savings on energy and maintenance, lighting upgrades improve the overall lighting quality of your facility by delivering higher lighting levels, more evenly distributed light, and improved color rendering. Said improvements have been tied to improved worker productivity (Cornell University) and safety outcomes (Occupation Health & Safety).
    • Help Protect the Environment
      • By 2027, the use of LED lighting could save up to 348 terawatts of energy compared to no LED use. That is the annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants in the United States. If achievable, that would be an energy cost savings of more than $30 billion at current pricing levels (U.S. Department of Energy).

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Don’t wait! As stated, funds for DTE’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and with limited funding remaining for the 2018 Program Year, now is your chance to reserve the incentives that will leave you with cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting system that improves your business’ bottom line—the perfect way to cap off 2018!

For more information on DTE Energy’s available lighting rebates or to set up a lighting audit at your facility, fill out the contact form below!

*Note:  Lighting incentives outlined in this article are available exclusively to customers serviced by DTE Energy Electric Services.

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