Floor Squeegee

Amerisource Janitorial Products Floor Squeegee Information


Floor Squeegees remove fluids from hard floor surfaces quickly and easily. Floor squeegees are perfect for hard floor surfaces in supermarkets, hospitals, garages, cafeterias, and factory settings where large floor areas need to be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. There are a variety of squeegees, handles, and accessories to create the perfect floor cleaning program for your staff. Some floor squeegees are attached to brushes so you can scrub and squeegee at the same time. Options for your floor squeegee programs

  • Moss or sponge rubber disposable squeegees

36633000 - Flo-Pac® 30" Reinforced Soft Black Foam Rubber 30" - Black

  • Vinyl, Rubber, gum or Neoprene replaceable blade squeegees

  • Steel, aluminum or plastic frames
    • Most take tapered wood handle or branded special handle

1200 Line – Commercial Grade Black Neoprene Squeegee

  • Single or double blade options
    • Flip it over to double the blade surface area


  • Colored coordinated floor squeegees for food service and hospital applications

  • Curved tip floor squeegees

  • Sizes generally from 18″ to 36″

The keys to picking the right squeegee for the job are:

  • Amount of surface area and amount of fluids on the floor
  • Type of surface area and roughness
  • What liquid is on the floor which will select blade material
    • Must be compatible with blade material otherwise it will be dissolved
    • May want disposable foam if cleaning hazardous materials